Fall 2015

Combining storage and dispensing, the Grapevine allows any baker to easily access any of their ingredients. Containers for both wet and dry ingredients take all of the trouble away.

Through multiple interviews with Caroline, a woman with Friedrich’s Ataxia, the team sought to improve the experience of something Caroline loves to do. They learned that with Friedrich’s Ataxia, Caroline has to do tasks slower than she used to. In the kitchen, she found heavier objects easier to use while measuring small amounts of ingredients became difficult.

After several baking sessions with Caroline, the team worked to develop a project called Grapevine. By focusing on ingredient dispensing and storage, the system has separate dispensers for wet (Wine) and dry (Grape) ingredients, the individual dispensers all hang on a wall mounted organizer (Vine). The amounts of ingredients can be controlled by the turn of a dial or pump of a handle.

Team Members

Ari Ashpis, Corinne Boroff, Marnie Chang, Cassidy Peebles, Aaron Ringel, Simeon Wallis, Sydney Ward