Spring 2016

MPower is a leg compression wrap, which will be invisible under clothing, designed to empower individuals with degenerative disorders to continue leading active lives and not let their diagnosis define them.

What do degenerative disorders like Friedrich’s Ataxia, Multiple Sclerosis, and Parkison’s disease all have in common? All three diagnoses affect a person’s ability to move freely and normally in every aspect of life. From current market research, observations, and interviews with people with degenerative disorders, the team came up with the solution of Mpower.

Currently in the prototyping phase, the Mpower is made up of spandex so it can be discreet and breathable. The team is looking into using a 3D body sensor, X-sens, to observe patterns in walking along with user testing to continue to make improvements to the prototype.

Team Members

Alex Julian, Catherine Clarke, Jackie Ebeling, Ben Weatherhead,
Katie Keller, Kelsey Keiser